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Sunday, June 2, 2013

The 2013 Summer Comeback

We, the Futel family, (eh, this is Raven the fighter writing) tried to go back to Granado Espada this 2013. Since she had 2 months free, and this is technically her last summer break before taking the bar exams next year, she thought it would be cool to revisit Granado Espada.

Mom left us with some people, for the past couple of years, but even then, we were mostly lazying around doing nothing in the barracks. But Mom never let us go; she didn't want to permanently give us to some stranger.

Monday, December 27, 2010

We Need Your Help To Win! :)

Hey, who wouldn't want Asoka to be in your family in Granado Espada?


Like the Granado Espada Page on Facebook then LIKE OUR BLOG POST HERE!! 

It will definitely mean a lot to us if you could help us get Asoka in our family. I mean, really, wouldn't it be nice for you to help my family expand? After all, it's Mom's birthday today! :)

Happy birthday, Mommy Futel! :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Revisiting Granado Espada - The Renaissance

It has been literally years since I last wrote in this blog. If I remember correctly, I was only an expert back then.

Today, I write as a Master level 3. 

My name is Raven Futel. I am the fighter of my family - and a sexy one, at that.

Since Mom flew to Poland and back to the Philippines, she still went to Granado Espada so she can see how we're all doing. From various patches, new maps and new factions, perhaps Mom's love for her Granado babies has never faltered.  However, she hasn't played with us like the way she did before.

When she entered the world of Granado Espada once again, everything was new; the interface, the world - and believe me, she was definitely in awe. Was it still the world she came to love? This world full of Renaissance stuff? Of course, me and my siblings were there. From little Viki to the maestro Rio, we were there.

My sister Christianne, our scout, and yours truly - we're both donning Dignite Costumes!
 And boy, are they HOT!

I still remember that day when Mom sold every equipment we have because she was quitting. It was painful, alright, and even her other friends were sure that they would miss her. But she left my favorite blunt and shield - it had too much sentimental value to let go. Our old family friend, oread, gave it to me.

I remember the day when we turned Masters, as well. My brother Matthieu the Musketeer, and Maestro Vicente Rio was with me when we all turned Masters. It was a great feat, and it was a great achievement. I know for a reason why Mommy never wanted to sell us, or to buy other characters to be in our family, because it is her pride that we have trained from Level 1 up to Masters all by ourselves. We have never bought characters before.

Mom left us in the care of her friend, just before the Renaissance dawned upon the world. I was dressed in my best Dignite Costume, plus wings - I felt really stronger and more confident. Trust me, even with an e92 blunt in my hand, I totally own other people. Oh, how I love that new stance that he gave me.

Today, we traverse into a new world called the Renaissance. A lot of things have changed - from the way the City of Auch looks, to the way families talk to each other. When I last visited the world, I can't stop gushing on exquisite costumes and new features. Hey, we can now send mails to each other - even to offline families! :D and who can forget about those cool medals on top of families' heads? Either way, it is a nice change. Pretty bad for us, though, because since we have quitted, it's as if we are in a whole new world. 

Although we do not play as much as we used to, Mom promised herself to visit us at least once a week. I guess she is enjoying exploring other maps which were never there. Hopefully, she'd have time to get new family members for us, as well. Teehee.

I have to read on and explore more about this Renaissance. I bet there's still something wonderful out there somewhere.

I have heard about Valeria, and how she'd be able to join my family. Hmm. I think that would be pretty cool. Imagine having somebody as cute as Princess Gabriella, but without her brattiness. Hehehe. I would NEVER want somebody more bratty than I am.

My siblings in the barracks would go crazy.


Raven Futel

Monday, September 7, 2009

Our Litte Sister in Dragonica

So, I guess we won't be playing too much in Granado Espada. I personally think we're getting old, too, although Gavin begs to disagree. (Yeah, still the hunk that he is.) The friends that we made in Bach aren't there anymore *sob* and there are too many imba players, and I know we can get killed by just a spacebar.

We don't know yet if we are fully retired or we'll just be going in GE from time to time.

Of course, as we lay back and enjoy our endless vacation outside of Granado Espada, we are also helping our little sister in Dragonica.

Yup, yup. Her name is Krysiunia...but OK. Call her Krysia for short. It's a Polish name. I guess Mom is now Polish by heart (OK, my sisters and brothers are laughing, hahaha)

But anyway, Krysia is an archer. And currently the baby of the family. (Yes, I know. It isn't Viki anymore who's our baby...but still cute as ever.) So there. Krysia has blue hair...yup, that's her on the picture above.

We were earlier doing her own blog in the blogosphere, and it's nice to see how supportive the whole Futel family is.

Granado Espada and Dragonica is both under IAHgames, anyway, so our worlds are pretty much near. Plus we have the same Mom who takes care of us together with her new kitten Bunia ;p

You can check out Dragonica SEA by clicking on Krysia's picture, or by clicking this banner. :D

It's has a nice gameplay...we promise! :)
And it's worth giving a try!

See you in the world of Granado Espada (hopefully, maybe...who knows?) or with my little sister in Dragonica!

Rest assured, the Futel family in GE is still backing up Krysia in Dragonica all the way!

You can sign up in Dragonica with your GE ID, then make friends with Krysia...
I swear, she just plays alone ;p

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Come Back.

After hibernating for 8 months, the Futel family is back.

Yes, we are back. Or at least we think we are back.

Although there are a lot of things that are new in our world in Granado Espada, particularly that now we are in Bach, our faction is still standing.

With one colony.

It may seem that our old friends have already quitted - but we're still so touched as we were walking around the City of Auch on Sunday evening when Guailan messaged us.

Seems like they do remember us, still.

After Mom broaded to wish everybody good luck for the upcoming colony wars, she then PMd her friends, such as badbadtz, LightRaid, Ixal, KungHumirit, Ictus, BodyOfDesire.

It was so nice to be back in GE, even for a moment.

We're still thinking if we'd really come back.


1.) We're only a family of 4 Experts - the rest are level 100s to Veterans.
2.) Other families are going to Master @___@
3.) We can get killed with spacebar.
4.) Our equipment isn't strong anymore.

So yeah, we are still thinking. Maybe it'd be nice to play again, don't you think? :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nasz zwierzę :)

Dzien dobry from Poland!

Raven here, typing, as always. Mom's busy cleaning our room here in Poland since we live alone now. Anyways, I type because I am so happy to share to you guys the newest addition to our family.

But before that, a little story first.

Mommy Tin was trying to download the GE Patch for the past week before Thursday in the hostel ~but to no avail. Yes, we had a 1mbps connection, according to, but somehow it's still slow. Probably the firewall is blocking the downloads. Both the automatic patch and the manual patch and the full client - nie ma. We don't have it. We cannot download it.

So yeah, we were frustrated. Big time.

Anywho, a friend offered to download it for us. Woot. But Mom took her hard drive in the office and tried to patch through the laptop there - and it worked. Who knows? Haha. So then we tried to log in and it works! Yay!

Zapraszamy, GE version 2.9! :D

So, so there.

Then last night, mom's friend came and gave her his pen drive. WOOT.
He downloaded the FULL CLIENT of Granado Espada v2.9 and Mom was so happy that she decided to do something for him in-game.

She told him she totally forgot about it. He told him he didn't forget. Dziękuje bardzo! Woohoo :)


OK, fast forward. Tonight, before I type this, we got our pet box from the greenhouse.
Yesiree, our pet already hatched! :D

Meet the newest member of the Futel family :D
Read down to see his name :P

And earlier, Mom thought of giving it his friend's nickname since he downloaded a rather huge client of 4.15GBs. We wanted to give it a rather Polish name but WTF...GE's fonts are not friendly at all for other languages. We wanted to name him Aruś, but Arus came out. Because GE, well, it doesn't have ś.

Yeah, see its name? Arus which is supposed to be Aruś. Oh well :)

So we have a little grabber with us now!

Too bad we have to work hard (or buy more) for his pet food :((

*insert frustration to buy Feso here*

Maybe we'll find a way soon to feed Aruś. We need GP or Feso. Badly.


Oh well. He's a cutie waaah especially when he runs. Hahaha. Fluffy.

Cute cute cute cute.

PS. IAH, can you make some pet food available in Vis? T_T

as of now, we'll let him hibernate. Because we don't have the money to maintain him. So he might as well be always resting and not grabbing, since his specie is a grabber, which means he loots and loots and loots your thingies.

Oh well.

Goodnight guys. 1.35am here.

Mom is tired and so are we :)

Do zobaczenia! :)

Love lots,

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Granado Girl in Poland

Hey hey! Dzien dobry~ as what the Polish people say :)

I think I need to write something as I haven't blogged anything yet here in my GE blog since I stepped in Poland.

The temperature was a great drop from the usual 20++ in the Philippines to a shocking 8 degrees celsius in Poland. You could just imagine my happiness when I stepped down the plane wearing wedge sandals and my coat + jacket ~ with my breath smoking. You do know what I mean.

Anyways, I am 2 hours away from Warsaw. Currently living in the 4th floor of Academicka 5, Radom, Poland. (read it as akademitska) hahahaha. OH well.

I must say I have really good AIESEC friends and also non-AIESEC friends :D

Yup. Living independently and working as an English teacher :P

I am 2 weeks in Poland as I write this now~ I wish time would fly really fast.

We are making the time fly so fast :)


Oh here's a GE related story.

I met so many great people in GE. New friends have found places in my life and will never be erased anymore. The person whom I hate so much when he kills me in IOF became my bestest friend ~ considering the fact that he is not from my faction. And the guy who loves teasing me in the faction is the one who makes me happy :)

I love him so much. He's someone I hate but then I love. He's someone whom I love to kick and yet I love to hold hands with. And I am proud to say that I met him in Granado Espada :)

Yes, someone managed to snatch Futel from all those guys in Vivaldi :)

And of course, those guys I love so much, from my faction and from other factions spent a night of drinking and eating and talking with me for my despedida party. I am so happy they came~ it's like I threw a party for them because all my college friends and high school friends didn't come. SO only my GE family came~

But then, I am still happy.

The few minutes with the scooter with him is definitely worth it.
Gawd, I love you. And this time I am NOT ashamed to tell it to the whole world.

I dunno what else to write but I have a LONG blog regarding each and every person who came to my despedida party. xD

I'll publish it soon~

AJA gamers. And keep on making friends in games.

Who knows, he or she might be ur next best friend~ or even love ;)